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Nine-Village Valley - Szechuan

Set in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Szechuan province, Nine-Village Valley is a valley more than 50 km long. The name Nine-Village Valley comes from the nine Tibetan villages scattered along the valley.

The scenery in Nine-Village Valley impresses people with its colorful ponds. waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, and forests. Its peculiar and primitive sights earn it the name "fairly land". The famous six scenic spots there include Long Lake, Sword Rock, Nuorilang, Shuzheng, Zharu Valley and Black Lake. They are world-famous for the emerald green lakes, rushing cascades, colorful forests, snow peaks and Tibetan customs.

Shuzheng scenic area has its special characteristics. The 50-km-long valley is decorated with 108 exotic lakes which are connected by waterfalls and streams. Nuorilang Waterfall is located at the end of the valley. Waterfall fo Pearl Shoal in Rizegou is the most exotic waterfall in Nine-Village Valley.

Discovered in the 1970s, Nine-Village Valley was inscribed on the world natural heritage list in 1992, and was added to the protection network of the world "Man and Biosphere". It is the only place in the world that enjoys both of the two honors.

Do you know?

The unique charm of Nine-Village Valley scenery lies in its 108 jade seas (local people calls lakes haizi, meaning "sea" in Chinese). Legend has it that the goddess Wonosmo got a mystical mirror, a gift of love from the god dag. Being overjoyed, she dropped the mirror and the broken peices became the 108 "jade seas".
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