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Huanglong - Szechuan

Huanglong is located in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in the northwest of Szechuan province. With and altitude of over 3,000 m, it is one of the highest scenic areas in China.

This area is known for its unique colorful pools formed by calcite deposits. It has abundant plant and animal resources and also attractive human activities. According to the legend, there was a sage called "Huanglong Zhenren" who withdrew from the earthy world to live here in solitude and practiced Taoism. In the middle of the 6th lunar month every year, a traditional temple fair at Huanglong usually attracts a large number of local people of Tibet, Qiang, Hui and Han Nationalities. The fairgoers assemble here to pray in the temple, enjoy the scenery, festively singing and dancing.

Do you know?

Colored travertine ponds are the main landscape in Huanglong. They are concentrated mainly in a ditch called Huanglonggou Ditch. The calcium carbonate in the ponds deposited to form travertine dykes and a large area of so-called "five-colored ponds". In the ditch there is a travertine shoal about 2,500 m long. This marvelous spectacle of golden sand covering the ground makes the whole ditch glimmer with golden rays. The scene looks like a gigantic yellow dragon rushing down the snow mountain. Hence, the ditch wins the name of "Huanglong Ditch".
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